Riedel O Syrah Tumblers with engraving (Pair)


1. Choose an engraving option (Option A – Option F)
2. Names for engraving (Each name up to 10 characters)
3. Lead time: 10-12 working days

“The “O” glass was more casual, easy to use, wash and store and added a playful element to the wine and spirits experience.” The “O” collection began for wine and has now grown to include thirteen different glass designs, including six varietally-specific wine glass shapes, a glass for sparkling wine, water, saké, martini, and spirits.

The series is produced by machine in lead-free crystal glass and sold in sets of two. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.

Volume:570.0 ccm
Height:118.0 mm
Material: Crystal

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