Hukka Design Kuohu Wine Cooler


Simply keep it in the freezer and when ready to use, slip your favourite bottle in. There’s no need for ice, soapstone is blessed with the natural ability to retain the cold. Then enjoy a glass of your favourite beverage without ever having to wait for it to cool in the fridge again!

Hukka Design produces homeware made from Finnish soapstone, an incredibly dense yet soft rock formed over 2.3 billion years ago. The properties of soapstone make it the perfect companion for your kitchen or bar. Its density means it can absorb and retain heat and coolness for extended periods of time. However, despite this, it does not absorb liquids or flavours, nor does it leach into your favourite food or beverage.

  • 12.6cm x 11.7cm
  • suitable for bottles with a 9cm diameter
  • made in Finland

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