Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky Tumbler with engraving (Pair)


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Vinum is Riedel’s basic varietal specific stemmed series. Designed in 1986 by 10th generation glassmaker Georg J. Riedel, Vinum was created to ensure every wine lover could afford varietal-specific glassware. Based on the handmade Sommeliers range, machine production means Vinum can be offered at a more accessible price.

The shape of glass is specifically designed to enhance the sweet and floral flavour of single malt whisky, and reduce the impact of alcohol on the nose. The design incorporates a small, slightly outturned lip that directs the spirit onto the tip of the tongue, where sweetness is perceived, and serves to bring out the elegant creaminess of a top-quality single malt.


  • Volume:200.0 ccm
  • Height:115.0 mm
  • Material: Crystal
  • Machine-made and dishwasher safe

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