Alessi Food A Porter Lunch Box (Grey)


Three-compartment lunch box in thermoplastic resin.

  • Width (cm): 10.00
  • Height (cm): 13.50
  • Length (cm): 19.00

Food à porter is a lunch box that doesn’t look like a lunch box, rather a refined fashion accessory. A functional and beautiful object, to be worn as a stylish bag.

Far from the anonymous design of traditional food containers, Food à porter combines functionality with a decidedly aesthetic value, in a formal tribute to the bento boxes and the Japanese lacquerware. A spacious lunch box, compact and versatile, divided into three containers with a choice of two lids, depending on your choice of lunch. For enjoying lunch wherever you desire, at work or out in the open air. Ideal for those who want to enjoy food prepared at home, or those who follow a specific diet.

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