Riedel Sommeliers Red Tie Haku Burgundy Grand Cru


The city of Kanazawa, well known as a traditional Japanese city, produces 99% of Japan’s gold leaf for arts and crafts. This craft is called “HAKU” in Japanese. The persevering “artisan spirit” and techniques that were fostered by the land are also main factors in the development of gold leaf. A gold leaf is made by beating gold into an extremely thin sheet with a thickness of 0.1 millionths of a meter.

Sommeliers Red Tie Haku combines the elegance of a red stem with the exquisite Haku gold leaf base. This collection is limited in quantity and Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get your hands on this amazing collection which original from Japan and EXCLUSIVELY IN TOWN HOUSE!

The shape of the glass is designed to capture the soft, perfume-like and honey aromas of Pinot Noir, and deliver the extravagant experience of bright red fruit on the palate.


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