Riedel Decanter Syrah 265 Years


The Syrah decanter is a perfect starter piece for one with a growing love of wine. This everyday piece will easily demonstrate the improvement decanting can make on wine, and is suitable for both young and old wines.

RIEDEL offer a wide range of functional machine-made decanters, suitable for every lifestyle at appealing prices.

This decanter is designed to hold a single bottle of wine.
Machine-made and dishwasher safe.
RIEDEL recommends: Use bottle cleaners to remove stains from the decanter.
We celebrate 265 years of RIEDEL business.

We have launched a collection of value packs to celebrate this momentous occasion, featuring some of our most popular products in festive new packaging. Have someone you’d like to celebrate? Gift them a RIEDEL Anniversary Set.

  • This pack contains 1 piece
  • Packed in a special anniversary packaging

Volume:1040.0 ccm
Height:245.0 mm
Material: Crystal

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