Nachtmann Tastes Good Long Drink Set (4 Long Drink + 4 Glass Straws)


The set of four long drink glasses in classic cut design with matching glass drinking straws in 21 cm size offers the cocktail lover everything that is important for a successful party.
The set is also perfect as a gift for invitations. There is a cocktail recipe on the contemporary, attractive packaging. A cleaning brush for the glass straws is also included in the set.
The set is available at a bargain price compared to buying the items individually (long drink glass SQUARE set of 4 and glass straws 21 cm).

Size Longdrink glass: 151 mm
Capacity Longdrink glass: 445 ml
Diameter Longdrink glass: 77 mm

Size Glass straw: 210 mm
Diameter Glass straw: 9 mm

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