Nachtmann Gin & Tonic Set of 9 (4 Gin Tonic + 4 Glass Straws + 1 Cleaning Brush)


The set of four gin & tonic glasses, in an extravagant look with matching 15 cm glass drinking straws, offers the cocktail lover everything that is important for a successful party.
The set is also perfect as a gift for invitations. The contemporary, attractive packaging features a cocktail recipe. A cleaning brush for the glass drinking straws is also included in the set.
The set is available at a special price compared to buying the items individually (set of 4 gin & tonic glasses and 15 cm glass drinking straws).

Gin & Tonic glass size: 222 mm
Gin & Tonic glass content: 640 ml
Gin & Tonic glass diameter: 105 mm

Glass drinking straw size: 150 mm
Glass drinking straw diameter: 9 mm

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