Alessi “North Tide” Cocktail Mixing Kit Set


Designed by AA.VV.

North Tide is the mixing kit created to prepare cocktails right at your home. It includes a stainless steel shaker, an ice bucket, a cocktail measure, a bottle opener and ice tongs. To taste cocktails to perfection and recreate the atmosphere of the best international bars.

Mixing kit in 18/10 stainless steel composed of: L 870/50 Shaker, design Luigi Massoni, Carlo Mazzeri L 865 Cocktail measure, design Carlo Mazzeri, Anselmo Vitale VS01 Bottle opener, design Valerio Sommella L 871 Seau à glace, design Luigi Massoni, Carlo Mazzeri 505 Ice tongs, design Ufficio Tecnico Alessi

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