Riedel Junmai Sake x2pcs + Vinum Daiginjo x2pcs

Riedel Junmai Sake x2pcs + Vinum Daiginjo x2pcs

SKU: 416/75 + 4441/27
HK$915.00 Regular Price
HK$699.00Sale Price

This Sake bundle set include 2x Vinum Daiginjo (416/75) and 2x Extreme Junmai glass (4441/27), total 4 glasses with sale price HK$915. 


Riedel Junmai Sake

These sake glasses are specifically designed for Japan’s national drink. In contrast to Daiginjo, Junmai boasts a much greater complexity and range, making it the perfect companion for food.


The Junmai glass shape, designed by the top Junmai makers in Japan over the course of many years, enhances Junmai sake's heavier, earthy and umami aromas, while delivering a creamy and smooth experience on the palate. These aromas and flavours would be overbearing in a close-mouthed glass.


Riedel Daiginjo Sake

These glasses are perfect to enjoy Daiginjo sake! It effectively enhances the sake's delicate aromas and the pure, light, and fruit-driven taste of Daiginjo, which is made from rice polished down to at least 50%.


This shape was designed and chosen by Japan's top sake makers through a process of dozens of workshops and years of research and development.


All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe and lead-free.