Nachtmann Bossa Nova Whisky Set of 3

Nachtmann Bossa Nova Whisky Set of 3

SKU: 101095

This set contains one decanter and two tumblers from the Bossa Nova range. Bossa Nova offers tableware with the same cool sensibility as the dance for which it is named. The Bossa Nova collection adds interest to its clear glass collection with a textural basketweave design that seduces fingertips to touch and guests to linger at the table.


  • 1 carafe

Size: 257 mm
Capacity: 750 ml
Diameter: 91 mm

  • 2 tumblers

Size: 100 mm
Capacity: 330 ml
Diameter: 90 mm


  • 1 set contains 3 items
  •  All NACHTMANN  items are dishwasher safe.