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Nude is the creator and manufacturer of contemporary glassware for modern living. Nude looks at life through the lens of simplicity; decluttering and distilling, marrying form with function, always reflecting the lifestyle of less-ordinary people. Nude transcends the traditional boundaries of glassware treating the whole home as one sensuous and pleasurable space.

Launched in 2014 in Milan and Paris, with a mission to design and create beautiful collections of lead-free crystal glass objects, Nude takes pleasure seriously. Attention to detail is paramount, yet at the same time there must always be room for people to feel comfortable, to breathe. Nude glassware supports and embellishes rather than overwhelms, our immaculate crystal adding beauty and refinement to any environment. Nude is never afraid to take risks; it is the only way of creating something inspirational. At the same time, we make sure to keep a sense of simplicity and fun.

Our favourite collections in store

Wine Decanter
by Ron Arad
Red or White
Water Carafe
by Ron Arad
Mono box
by Ayşe Birsel
Water Bottle & Glass
by Markku Salo
by Tamer Nakışçı
Night Set
by Erdem Akan
by Pentagon Design
Whisky Bottle
by Joe Doucet
Wine Carafe
by Joe Doucet
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