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Made in United States.



The story of Nambé is a piece of history, intrinsically linked to the evolution of design.

Born in 1951 in the small town of Nambé, near Santa Fe, its aesthetic is a deeply authentic example of the ‘mid-century modern’ style that newer brands have attempted to reproduce ever since.

Its founder, Pauline Cable, perfectly captured the mood of the times and the unique spirit and energy of contemporary America’s South West.

Nambé is synonymous with mid-century design in the genre of lifestyle homeware. Sophisticated in a way that only good design can be, its iconic pieces offer a distinct originality and freshness of thinking that has stood the test of time.


More than looks alone, every exquisite piece has been conceived and crafted with an unsurpassed mastery, offering performance every bit as faultless as it is beautiful.