Explore Sake & Riedel Glassware!

Explore Sake & Riedel Glassware!

21 Sept 2021, 7:00pm-8:00pm

Sake Central – S109-S113, Level 1, Block A, PMQ

Learn how glass shape influences the aroma and taste of sake and whisky!

Back by popular demand, Sake Central has partnered with the legendary 265-year-old glassmaker Riedel to offer a masterclass sensory experience on how the shape of a glass can completely change the flavour of Daiginjo, Junmai and whisky.

As part of this interactive and unique workshop, guests will get to take home a set of Riedel Daiginjo, Junmai and Single Malt Whisky glasses worth HK$718, in addition to enjoying two types of Sake and one whisky.


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