Founded in 1921 as a workshop for processing brass and nickel silver sheet metal, Alessi has always stood out for the high quality of its products. In almost a century of history, the company has gradually evolved to become one of the leading “factories of Italian design”. 


Alessi has been described as a “Dream Factory”, which uses its products to make people’s dreams come true, providing them with the art and poetry that they seek.

The company regularly works with world-famous artists and designers, including Zaha Hadid, Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders to produce captivating yet functional products for the every home.

“A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking.”





Bringing the essence of nature into your homes
The versatile, multi-talented Marcel Wanders brings us The Five Seasons project, an original design foray into the world of home fragrances. A collection of five different scents complete with home fragrance objects. Five enveloping olfactory experiences, with suitably evocative names chosen by Wanders: Glacial and sparkling Brrr; fresh and delicate Ahhh; rich and vibrant Hmm; complex and sensual Grrr; mysterious and spiritual Shhh.
A magical world of wonder and fun captured by Marcel Wanders
This ensemble of tableware and household accessories features Marcel Wanders’ very personal touch of circus magic, and opens the way to an entirely original expression, full of colour and life. The collection includes accessories suited for the breakfast table, dessert, starters or aperitifs.